We Focus on Middle School

Hyla Middle School


Mike Fosmark
First-year: This course serves as an introduction to the Spanish language and to Spanish-speaking cultures. We will focus on real life situations such as greetings, introducing oneself and asking how somebody is doing. As we move through the book, we will learn about different Latin-American countries and their cultures. The students will learn the present tense of all of the regular verbs, as well as the present tense of “ser,” “estar,” “ir,” and “tener,” which are irregular. They will also learn how to say things that are going to happen in the near future. The book discusses cultural and language differences between Spanish-speaking countries. We will make some crafts. Activities in class are varied and include conversations, skits, games, food, music and writing. In the writing exercises, correct spelling of the vocabulary is required.

Second-year: This course is a review and continuation of first-year Spanish. Listening and speaking skills are further enhanced, and writing is presented as a component of most activities. Vocabulary building is highlighted in order to attain fluency in everyday situations. Present-tense forms of verbs are reviewed and expanded upon. Drill and practice comes mainly through reading and practice exercises in the text, games, asking and answering spontaneous questions, activities such as writing and performing skits, and reading simple children’s books in Spanish. Students are also able to begin expanding on simple sentences, and creating new ones to fit their needs. We also make some holiday-oriented crafts and do cultural projects in the spring.

Third-year: This course is comprised of writing, listening, and speaking with as much grammatical fluency as possible. Class is run mostly in the target language, and students are encouraged to use Spanish at all times. Some other verb tenses such as commands and the preterite tense are introduced, including the irregular and stem-changing verbs. Text work is also interspersed with hands-on activities such as games, crafts, food and music. The course focuses mainly on developing students’ school language programs. Special attention is paid to the vocabulary and grammar covered in the Bainbridge High School Spanish program.