We Focus on Middle School

Hyla Middle School

Our Curriculum

The goal of our curriculum is to develop educated students who actively enjoy learning, and who are able to analyze and think critically on their own. We believe that individual learning is best served by small classes. To that end, a low student/teacher ratio is maintained. In most classes, the maximum class size is 16 students.science

While Hyla’s curricula will vary somewhat from year to year, our academic program is composed of mathematics, science, English, social studies, Spanish, drama, and fine art. All three grades also take a human relations course designed to help our students develop a healthy identity and relate positively with the world around them. We value opportunities to structure curriculum at Hyla to reinforce connections between subjects, believing that learning is more powerful if perceived as an interrelated process.

Most middle school students enjoy variety, and we honor that in our schedule. The time each class meets varies through the week, and the mix of classes will also vary each day. In addition, every class uses a variety of experiences and approaches to teaching with an emphasis on active, participatory learning. Our day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:10 PM, with a lunch period and a morning break. Classes are 40 to 50 minutes long, depending on the day, but we can be flexible and change the schedule to meet our needs.

Hyla uses a non-graded system of assessment. We rely on written comments and conferences to let students and parents know how a student is doing, as well as what areas need improvement and how that can be accomplished. While a numerical or letter-grade assessment may be used to evaluate daily work, we do not assign a letter or number grade to overall performance.

Hyla students learn in an environment which encourages academic excellence as well as the development of personal problem-solving strategies. Our students have shown they have the necessary tools and self-confidence when they leave Hyla to make the adjustment to a new environment. We find our graduates succeed in both public and private high school settings.