We Focus on Middle School

Hyla Middle School


Librarian: Cara Holmquist

In 2016, students presented their sustainability proposals to the Hyla Board of Trustees.

The library is full of window seats and comfy couches for curling up with a good book.

The Hyla Middle School library is a warm and inviting space that serves as a vibrant center for learning, collaborating, building and connecting community.  

We do this by:

  • Promoting the pleasure of lifelong reading;
  • Expanding student reading habits and preferences;
  • Supporting and strengthening research, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration skills;
  • Developing media literacy skills and promoting responsible digital citizenship;
  • Encouraging thoughtful discussion around globally significant topics such as censorship,  diversity, and representation;
  • Exploring the historical, current, and future significance of libraries within communities around the world;
  • Creating fun and dynamic opportunities for engagement with the school community, local community, and global community.

The Hyla library is where we invite guest speakers for parent education events, such as Julie Metzger with Great Conversations.

Students benefit from the Hyla library’s broad and diverse collection of young adult fiction and graphic novels, as well as nonfiction books tailored to support school curriculum. Every grade meets for library class twice per month. Library class offers the opportunity for students to explore our collection and learn about what is new in young adult literature. In addition to time given to reading, the library curriculum is designed to advance the program goals of lifelong reading, research skills, critical thinking, discussion, and community engagement through interactive lessons and hands-on learning.

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