We Focus on Middle School

Hyla Middle School


Chris Soldevilla
Drama is the development of self-expression. Performance is a vehicle for self-expression. Together these intertwined disciplines open pathways to effective communication.

Throughout the year we will be building individual and group skills including:

Concentration         Storytelling                         Improvisation

Movement              Character analysis               Theatrical styles and history

Vocal technique       Interpretation of text           Physical expression

Critical analysis       Scene study                        Research as a presentation tool

  • 6th grade objectives focus on development of an ensemble, interpretation of text, and freedom of vocal and physical expression. We will achieve these goals with theater games and exercises which build a foundation of collaborative creative work at the beginning of the year. Integrating drama with humanities, we will explore Shakespeare’s magnificent language, the history of Elizabethan theatre, and mount a full performance of one of his great comedies.
  • 7th grade objectives focus on freeing physical expression, strengthening vocal skills, and collaboratively creating a spontaneous evening of improvisation. Through the use of masks, we will expand our exploration of physical expression toward an understanding of our own personal styles. Just after winter break we will begin our work on improvisation. This process affords us the opportunity to expand on the strong ensemble work of last year. Students have an opportunity to share their class work with parents and friends during an evening of improvisation.
  • 8th grade objectives focus on expanding each student’s personal potential as a presenter/performer. We will strengthen vocal skills, physical expression and control, and build self-confidence. Each student will be given a personal profile with specific exercises to enhance his/her vocal expression. The 8th grade performance in May will serve as a culminating experience for the year.