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Hyla Middle School

8th Grade History

Jennifer Haase


This course begins with a study of early American history and widens to World history and more contemporary times as the year progresses. In the fall and winter, American history topics including the Colonial and Revolutionary War Era, the Constitution and American Government, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War will be studied. In the Spring, the class will investigate the 20th Century with a “Decades Project” that begins with a look at events and themes in American history and ends with an investigation of what was occurring in other parts of the world at the same time. Students will learn historical content by relating this material to concepts and themes in history such as exploration, revolution, industrialization, Imperialism, manifest destiny, and the “American Dream”. Integrated into the historical content will be a continuing focus on the development of study skills.

Material will be presented through a variety of methods. Students should expect to participate in the following activities: class discussions, projects (individual and group), historical simulations, research papers, debates, open-ended essays, critical analysis, construction of a portfolio, creative journal-writing, note-taking, tests and quizzes.

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  1. The student will be able to understand historical time, chronology, and cause-and-effect relationships in history. They will be able to describe how events occur in time and place, are sequenced chronologically, and affect future events.
  2. Students will demonstrate oral and written abilities in the critical analysis of historical events and  concepts.
  3. Students will be able to analyze the historical development of events, people, places, and patterns in history. (e.g. why the antebellum South was primarily agrarian and the North primarily industrial)
  4. Students will be able to use a variety of resources in order to research and understand historical events and concepts.
  5. Students will be able to write a properly documented research paper (five to seven pages).
  6. Students will be able to evaluate different interpretations of historical events.
  7. Students will understand and be able to apply a variety of study skills to their future schoolwork.

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