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Hyla Middle School

Summer Camp 2017

Join us for summer camp in 2017!

For two weeks this summer we offer half and full-day courses in art, sports, science, engineering, programming and theater. Families may register for a half-day or full-day option for one or both weeks.

Session Two: June 26 – June 30
Morning classes: 9 – 11:30 AM
Afternoon classes: 12:30 – 3 PM

Who: Anyone entering grades 5-6-7-8-9
Cost: $160/week half-day, $320/week full-day
How to register: Click here to download the registration form return it to Hyla with a check made out to Hyla Middle School to cover class fees. Return the form to Hyla Middle School, 7861 Bucklin Hill Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, or stop by the office during school hours.
Please contact the Hyla office if you have any questions: 842-5988. 

Session II – 6/26 – 6/30

Morning classes 9 – 11:30 AM – (With availability as of 6-23)

Mindstorm Programming & Robotics with Jeff Steele: The next generation of space travel will be conducted through the eyes of a rover! Take your first step toward being the designer of that rover. We will use specific research from the planets within our solar system and beyond to construct challenging terrain and specific missions that our robots can accomplish throughout the half day camp at Hyla. Using the Mindstorm EV3 platform, you will learn the basics of computer programming and Robotics, but also a surprising amount about the physical laws of the universe. This class offers more challenging problem-solving challenges for those who have some experience programming. Come have a blast  and contribute to NASA’s next step in exploring the universe all around us!

Photography: The Hyla Alphabet with Dinah Satterwhite: Get your cameras out. We are going to explore the top ten tips for taking better photos, and put them into action! Look beyond the ordinary, to find imaginative and unique objects in everyday things all around you. Let’s develop your photographic “eye” by applying some basic rules that apply to photo opps. Get familiar with cool words like: pixels, cropping, backlighting, and DPI. And everyone has a special mission: to find every letter of the alphabet hidden in commonplace objects around the school grounds. Each student will end with a small poster depicting the Hyla Alphabet (or a name) made up from photos you’ve taken. So get ready to aim, shoot, and take better pictures! Taught by local photographer Dinah Satterwhite.   Equipment: Students provide their own camera to use during camp, preferably an SLR camera. Alternately: a camera phone, or other device that takes photos like an iPad would work.

Ultimate Frisbee with Andrew Lovejoy: The game of Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports around. It emphasizes sportsmanship, Spirit of the Game, and exciting, fast-paced play. During this camp we will work on the basic fundamentals of the game: throwing and catching, cutting, and defense. We’ll learn some drills to practice these essential skills, and spend lots of time playing Ultimate. In addition, we’ll learn a few other fun games that can be played using a disc. This camp will be fun and challenging for players of all levels of skill and experience.

Afternoon classes 12:30-3 PM 

FORTS!! with Jeff Steele:  Across the globe nearly 7,000,000,000 people need to solve the problem of where to lay their head at the end of a long day. This is the engineering design question of the century, how do we create dwellings for all of the people on the planet? At this camp, we will spend every day at play constructing new and ingenious answers to this engineering design question. Every day, you will arrive and be greeted with a set of materials, and explore a variety of ways that you can build an awesome fort. We will build domes forts, tarp forts waddle and daub forts, and even a flying fort!

Improv with Chris Soldevilla: Develop your theater skills this week through instruction and “Whose line is it” style theater games. The activities stretch your imagination through group collaborations in scenes created on the spot. Some of the games include: “Lines from a Hat”, “Freeze”, “Park Bench”, “Questions”, and many more! Come with an open mind and a quick wit.