We Focus on Middle School

Hyla Middle School


Parenting a middle schooler means learning how to parent all over again. As children mature into adolescents, their center of gravity shifts from parents to peers. They become more insistent about wanting independence while still needing structure and guidance. Growth—physical, intellectual, social and emotional–is uneven and varies greatly from individual to individual. Together, it makes for some of the most challenging parenting years of all. Because Hyla is focused on middle school, its faculty and program are built on rich understandings of this transformation.

Together with parents, Hyla faculty provide middle school students with the attention, challenges, expectations, and celebrations they need. Faculty maintain close and frequent contact with parents through phone calls, emails, conferences, and narrative evaluations. Additionally, the school hosts parent education meetings during each of the three years at Hyla. As a result, Hyla students experience these tumultuous years with the sense that the adults in their lives understand and care for them and they become more confident and competent to make independent choices that allow them to grow.