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Annual Fund FAQ

What is the Annual Fund?
The Hyla Annual Fund is a fundraising campaign that helps offset the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate a student at Hyla. Annual Fund contributions go directly into our operating budget.  Hyla’s Annual Fund is part of a strong tradition of giving that unites current families with alumni families, faculty and staff, the board, and friends in a common endeavor to enrich the life of the school.

Why does Hyla need an Annual Fund when parents already pay tuition?
Tuition alone is not enough to sustain the Hyla program. We need additional revenue, such as Annual Fund contributions and Auction proceeds, to meet our operating costs. We strive to keep tuition as low as possible so that Hyla is an option for a broad pool of families.

Is giving to the Annual Fund typical for an independent school?
Independent schools have long assured their continued academic quality, affordability and financial health through annual giving.  Most independent schools do not meet operating expenses through tuition alone. Hyla is also a nonprofit organization and as such will always need to seek support from its valued constituencies.

What is the goal for the Annual Fund?  What are we expected to give?
Our goal is 100% participation from our current families, board and staff members. We ask everyone to give at a personally significant level. All gifts, large and small, are needed and appreciated and help meet our goals. High Annual Fund participation rates help us secure grant funding from outside donors and foundations that require evidence that the school is highly valued by its constituents.  Every gift is important and makes a difference.

Can I pledge now and give later?
We prefer to receive all Annual Fund pledges by December 31st (and many donors choose to give before the end of December since donations are tax-deductible). We do ask that you pay your pledge in full by June 30th, by the end of our fiscal year.

I’ve heard about matching funds – how does that work?
Many employers will honor their employees’ personal donations with a matching gift.  Please check with your employer’s Human Resources department to see if they offer a matching gift program.  If so, be sure to forward your employer’s matching gift form with your donation.

Can I donate stock?
Every year, many people take advantage of the simplicity and income tax advantages of donating shares of stock as a charitable gift. If this is a type of donation you would like to make, please call Jana Morris, Hyla’s Business Manager, at (206)842-5988.

We receive financial aid – will we be asked to participate in the Annual Fund?
Yes – the entire Hyla community is asked to participate! Gifts of all sizes make a difference and are important to the Annual Fund. In addition to providing revenue, Annual Fund gifts are also symbolic and demonstrate support for the Hyla program, mission and philosophy.

As a current family, are we expected to give to the Annual Fund if we plan to participate in the auction?
Yes.  The Annual Fund and the Hyla Auction represent two different revenue streams that are critical to our operating budget. We rely on both year to year.

Who will know the amount of my gift?
We respect the privacy of all Hyla donors. If you would like your gift to be anonymous in our Annual Report, please check the appropriate box on the pledge card.