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Campfire in the Library?

Lots going on in the Hyla library!

“It’s usually pretty peaceful in here,” Cara said about the library, “but last week there was a lot of energy and activity for Hyla Read Week. It was awesome!” The fun began with spooky stories around a campfire in the library (well, not so much a campfire as a prop borrowed from the drama department). “The night before Halloween, kids shared their own scary stories and then I read some Grimm’s Fairytales,” said Cara. The next day students came in costumes and began earning raffle tickets with activities and good old-fashioned reading. Students completed book themed word scrambles, mazes, and word searches. They also set personal reading goals and recorded them on the white board. Students collected their earned raffle tickets with much enthusiasm and in the end, there were five raffle winners who went home with prizes like a gift certificate to Eagle Harbor Books, a gift certificate to Mora, a wall hanging, a t-shirt, and candy. But the best win of all was the final tally of pages read. Not including homework, Hyla students read 12,505 pages last week! Way to go!

Hyla Read Week creates an enthusiasm for reading that continues all year long. “Last week our newest books were on display with a sign-up sheet for those who wanted to be the first to read them,” said Cara. “This week those books are with their first readers and I hope that excitement to see a new book continues throughout the year.” Last week students also submitted their first nominations for the Hyla Hoopla Award, which “introduces them to even more books they can go after,” said Cara.  

Hyla Read Week is just one way that the library accomplishes its many goals within our community. The Hyla library is not just a place for books. It is a warm and inviting space that serves as a vibrant center for learning, collaboration, and connecting. Beyond reading and research, the Hyla library supports critical thinking, media literacy, responsible digital citizenship, and thoughtful discussion around globally significant topics such as censorship, diversity, and representation. And always, it’s a great place to curl up with a book.

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