We Focus on Middle School

Hyla Middle School


All students are invited to participate in Hyla sports, and all interested students are accepted. Hyla sports are a wonderful part of our school culture and many school traditions are tied to sporting events. There is a tremendous amount of pride and spirit in Hyla sports and we hope your student will join in the fun. Hyla sports are a great physical and social opportunity for students. Hyla sports have scheduled meets with other middle school teams throughout the Pacific Northwest and sometimes Canada. 

Soccer  (Fall)unnamed-5

Practice Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3:20 – 4:45)

Practice Location: Practice is held at the Hyla field.

Important Dates:  Soccer has one or two scheduled meets each season with other middle school teams. Each year Hyla participates in a soccer exchange with the Arbor School in Portland, Oregon, which includes a trip to Portland. Later Hyla families host Arbor families for a track meet on Bainbridge.

Rock Climbing (Winter)Stonegarden

Practice schedule: Climbing Club meets 1-2 afternoons/ week* (3:20 – 4:30)

Practice Location: Hyla Barn

                  *depending on interest levels


cg-track-teamTrack  (spring)

Practice schedule: During PE time during the school day

Practice Location: Hyla and BHS track

Important Dates/Events:                 

Every Spring we make an annual trip to Portland for a track meet at Catlin Gabel. Parents are invited to join us for this wonderful weekend of athletics, friendship and competition. The 2017 trip to Catlin Gabel is scheduled for April 27-28, 2017.

ultimateUltimate Frisbee  (spring)

Practice Schedule: M, W, F 3:20 – 4:45

Practice Location:  Hyla field

Important Dates: The Hyla Ultimate team participates in weekend meets with other middle school teams (the schedule is shared with parents). Each Spring, the Hyla Ultimate team also participates at Spring Reign, a competition involving middle school teams from all over the West Coast and Canada. It’s an amazing event to take part in.