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Hyla Middle School

Tuition Assistance

Affording Hyla

Hyla is deeply committed to making Hyla affordable for all families, regardless of financial circumstances. We believe strongly that students learn better – academically and socially – when there are differences among them. Our need-blind admissions process honors this belief and encourages diversity in personality, academic ability, interests, backgrounds, and financial circumstances. Our work is to bring out the strengths in this diversity. 

Tuition and Value

Education is a significant investment and the dividends last a life-time. Year after year, alumni parents return to share stories about the lasting impact of a Hyla education that values personal development as much as academic growth, integrity as much as achievement, and challenge as much as support.  

Our tuition reflects our deep commitments to: 

  • Attracting and retaining exceptional teachers and providing them with professional development opportunities
  • Creating close and caring connections between students and teachers with small class sizes and a typical student-teacher ration of 15-to-1
  • Nurturing the profound and lasting growth that happens during the middle school years – neurobiological, intrapersonal, interpersonal and academic – with challenge, risk, and support
  • Working collaboratively to honor the unique identity, voice, and path of each child. 

Tuition Assistance Decisions

Tuition Assitance is awarded to families who demonstrate need through an independent agency, called School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). This service is used by independent schools nation-wide to determine what portion of tuition a family can pay. SSS sends their analysis directly to Hyla and their estimates guide our distribution process to help us make fair and objective decisions.

The school’s financial aid committee confidentially handles the financial aid review. Admissions decisions are need-blind, which means they are made independently of financial considerations; the admissions committee does not receive a list of names of those students applying for tuition assistance. Your financial information and financial aid status are not shared with anyone other than the tuition assistance committee.

While the school makes considerations for separated or divorced parents, financial circumstances of both natural parents and related spouses/partners, if any, will be considered, and the above information is requested of them as well. 

Tuition Assistance Applications for 2018-2019 

The deadline for Tuition Assistance applications has passed (2/12) and we will now accept them on a rolling basis as funds are available. Tuition Assistance offers are made within a few weeks of acceptance.

Please go the SSS website and complete these steps using the school code 4053:

  • Please complete and submit your Parent Financial Statement (PFS) through SSS. Applications are submitted through a secure website online at https://www.solutionsbysss.com/parents.
  • Submit copies of the following tax forms either to Hyla, or through SSS:
    • Household’s 2015 federal W-2 forms, tax return(s), and supporting schedules.
    • Household’s 2016 Federal W-2 forms.
    • Household’s 2016 Federal tax return(s) and supporting schedules.
  • Information about any special circumstances that the school should consider may be shared with our Head of School – via meeting, letter, email, and/or in the “explanatory notes” sections of the PFS.